All of the articles and interviews shared below have been previously published in FITA Magazine. These publications include FITA Magazine Volume I / Invisible Atlas / Venice, FITA Magazine Volume II / Garden Constellation / Lisbon and FITA Magazine Volume III / Star Portraits / London, throughout the years of 2021 and 2022. Our magazine features articles and interviews on a wide range of topics, including art history, contemporary art, and the business of art. We believe that sharing these articles and interviews with our online community is a great way to promote dialogue and share knowledge about the art world. So whether you are an artist, art lover, or simply curious about the world of art, we invite you to explore our archives and discover the insights that FITA Magazine has to offer.

FITA Agency

Artist Management
Talent Agency 
Venice - Lisbon

Address / Avenidas Novas
1050 Lisbon, Portugal

Telephone / +351 912 199 768

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FITA Magazine

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︎︎︎ Vol. I / Invisible Atlas / Venice
︎︎︎ Vol. II / Garden Constellation / Lisbon
︎︎︎ Vol. III / Star Portraits / London

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