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ABC / Economía
Portugal exhibe el músculo de su emprendimiento digital 

22 July 2022

FLUL Alumni
Alumnus Francisco Teles da Gama lança novo prémio internacional de literatura

The International FITA Awards of Literature 2022 follow the launch, in 2020, of the FITA - Friends In The Arts platform. "FITA is a digital platform that facilitates the search for job opportunities, internships, open calls, fellowships, residencies, fellowships, awards, workshops and conferences for an international community in the world of the arts and culture," explained the alumnus. / Translated from Portuguese

Friends In The Arts: plataforma lança open call de artigos para nova revista
05 February 2021

The digital platform Friends In The Arts (FITA), created by curator Francisca Gigante with the aim of facilitating job searches, opportunities and collaborations in the art world, has just opened a call for proposals for a new magazine they intend to launch. "We are committed to exploring the best that is being produced around the world and to selecting the most impressive analyses of the various forms of contemporary art in our biannual editorial magazine published in March and in September". / Translated from Portuguese

Time Out
Há uma nova plataforma digital de oportunidades na arte e cultura
14 November 2020

There is a new meeting point between those looking for a place in the world of arts and culture and those looking for talented professionals to meet their challenges. Friends In The Arts (FITA) was launched at the end of October, precisely to "facilitate the search for jobs, opportunities and collaborations in the arts world." / Translated from Portuguese

Friends In The Arts: nova plataforma quer facilitar a procura de emprego no mundo das artes
28 October 2020

FITA offers three types of services: a "Job Catalog", with exclusive job offers for those seeking opportunities in the arts world; a "CV Helpdesk", for support in applications, through the construction or adaptation of Curriculum Vitae and motivation letters to the needs of each person; and a "One-to-One Talk", a personalized mentoring with interviews on the career plan with guidance on the path and life goals of professionals. / Translated from Portuguese

Jornal i
FITA atribui prémio literário internacional

FITA - Friends In The Arts and Book Cover Editora promote the International FITA Awards of Literature which aims to "boost the literature of the new generation of authors.” The jury is made up of individuals of recognized merit in their fields, journalist Sara Belo Luís, literary critic Teresa Carvalho, professor Jorge Vaz de Carvalho, professor Bruno Persico, and writer Nuno Abreu e Lima. / Translated from Portuguese

Rimas e Batidas
Curadoria Rimas e Batidas no FITA Kiosk X Banana Café

Os Portfólios não estão démodé
21 January 2021

NIPAA in partnership with Friends In The Arts, organizes a workshop to help you develop a CV and Portfolio: Masterclass: How to Build a Portfolio 101. "At FITA we give you the key to unlock all the secrets and find recommendations to secure the job opportunity that best fits your profile, interests and needs. We know the tricks that will make every recruiter jump out of their chair and look closely at your CV and Portfolio. Join us in discovering your PPV - Professional Life Project.” / Translated from Portuguese

Friends In The Arts: new platform full of opportunities in the arts arrives
28 October 2020

The digital platform Friends In The Arts (FITA) has just launched and aims to facilitate the search for jobs, opportunities and collaborations in the world of the arts. The idea came from Francisca Gigante, curator and cultural programmer, after having worked for cultural entities of national and international renown. / In English

Francisca Gigante: Não podemos estar fechados num mundo que é cheio de possibilidades
12 October 2020

Francisca Gigante holds many constellations inside. The curator has been crossing very bright spots in the universe of culture, such as the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, the MAAT in Lisbon and the Venice Biennale, for example. She is co-founder of the Tarimba collective and founder of the online platform "Friends In The Arts," which we talked about before the toast. "We are all connected in the world, by lines, and lines that maybe cross the whole world. It's a constellation. You find a star and go to a star that is closer. Maybe it's light years away, but you can find it."

FLUL Alumni
Nova revista internacional de artes e cultura tem cunho de alumnus da FLUL

Integrated in the digital platform Friends In The Arts (FITA), the editor-in-chief of this biannual, English-language publication assures: "the public will be amazed by the articles and artistic creations that will be published in this first issue of FITA Magazine that comes out in April. Every issue of FITA Magazine will be on a theme that brings inspiration to the offices and studios of the masters. The first volume is entitled “Invisible Atlas”, a tribute to Venice and the works “The Invisible Cities”, by Italo Calvino, and “Atlas”, by Jorge Luis Borges, which tell us about the passion for that city. / Translated from Portuguese

Friends In The Arts: Chegou a nova plataforma de oportunidades no mundo das artes
14 November 2020

The Friends In The Arts (FITA) digital platform aims to make it easier to find jobs, opportunities and collaborations in the arts world. The idea came from Francisca Gigante, a curator and cultural programmer who, after working in nationally and internationally renowned cultural entities such as the Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Venice), the Venice Biennale and the MAAT (Lisbon), recognized the frequent inaccessibility of the art scene, the lack of democratization and the lack of training and quality in working conditions. / Translated from Portuguese

Agenda Cultural Lisboa
Friends In The Arts: Plataforma das Artes
28 October 2020

“Friends In The Arts was built between Venice and Lisbon. FITA's goal is to be an agent of change in the field of the arts, demystifying, decentralizing and opening doors to opportunities in the arts and cultural world. We want to connect constellations: talented people looking for a job with people working in organizations that want to find talented professionals in the international artistic and cultural sphere”, says Francisca Gigante. / Translated from Portuguese

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