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Garden Constellation

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Cover and back of FITA Magazine Vol. II 
Photographs © Rita Bernardo

FITA Magazine
Volume II / Garden Constellation
Lisbon 2021

The poets led our verve and opened the gates to the infinite gardens of Lisbon. Fernando Pessoa composed odes and disserted on the simplicity of flowers and their aromas. In the streets we hear Cesário Verde declaim “Yesterday I went to visit the wild little garden, / Where the moon kissed us often, / And in everything I saw the love that you gave me smile, / Superb as the sun, serene as flight.” 

Cover / Reginald Van de Velde
18th Century Abandoned Castle, Belgium

// Chapter 01
Tapada da Ajuda

Digital Strategist For The Art World
JiaJia Fei
Interview by Francisca Gigante

Kristof Kintera

Clouds Are Heavier Than Rocks
Maria Luísa Ramires and Leonor Zuzarte

Antonina Poppy’s New Collection
National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art Rome
Antonina Pawlo and Claudia Vicenzino

// Chapter 02
Gulbenkian Garden

The New Director Of The Gulbenkian Museum
António Filipe Pimentel
Interview by Francisco Teles da Gama

When We Are Gone The Trees Will Riot
Robert Montgomery

Together We Ride
Walter & Zoniel

Can The Horrors Of Holocaust Be Represented By Art?
Rita Neves Dias

// Chapter 03
Bordallo Pinheiro Garden

Instituto Inhotim Curator
Fernanda Arruda
Interview by Marina Caresia

A Chronicler Of Forgotten Magnificence
Reginald Van de Velde

Poetry Ties
Maria do Rosário Rocha da Silva

Bordalo in Lisbon and Lisbon in Bordalo
Bordalo Pinheiro Museum

// Chapter 04
Estrela Garden

Reading On The Grass
Afonso Reis Cabral
Interview by Francisca Gigante and Francisco Teles da Gama

Until I Was Born
Liam Andersen

Francesca Roche

One Landscape
Laura Rebelo

// Chapter 05
Tropical Botanical Garden

The Strings Of A Luthier’s Sonata 
Catarina Veiga
Interview by Francisco Teles da Gama

The Art of Watching Plants Grow
Catarina Gentil

Tiger Balm
Rafael Felício

Martim Dinis

// Chapter 06
Eduardo VII Park

The New Chief Curator Of Serralves Museum
Inês Grosso
Interview by Francisca Gigante

Sintra Mountains
Rita Bernardo

Life Found In The Moon
Hugo Lami

Somewhere In Between
António Baião Pinto

What Is The Role Of Museums And How May We Invision Their Potential For Evolution?
Vicky Tsirou

// Chapter 07
Botanical Garden

Unavoidable Bridge That Unites What Is Most Natural To What Is Most Sacred
Thomas Mendonça
Interview by Beatriz Rodrigues

The Healing Power Of Togertherness: Alberta Whittle
Carolina Marques

More Gardens Please
Leonor Saunders

Jean-Luc Nancy (1940-2021)
A Friend In The Arts
Ricardo Ramos Gonçalves

Francisca Gigante
Francisco Teles da Gama

Research & Development Editors
Zé Bernardo da Fonseca
Ricardo Ramos Gonçalves

Editorial Designers
António Saldanha
Francisca Gigante
Francisco Teles da Gama

Proofread & Editing
Nuno Abreu e Lima

Photography & Illustration
António Saldanha
Jeniffer Lima Pais
Madelena Corrêa Mendes
Reginald Van de Velde
Rita Bernardo
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