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friends in the arts is an online platform established for facilitating the search for job placements, opportunities, internships, open calls, fellowships, scholarships, grants, residencies, awards, workshops, conferences and collaborations between friends (and friends of friends) in the art world.

friends in the arts is the preferred platform between the talented friends and the friends trying to find talent.

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FITA MAGAZINE  is an international published art magazine that communicates artistic research from all disciplines. FITA connects people from around the world in the search for jobs in arts and culture, blurring borders through talent. FITA MAGAZINE is the place to showcase these qualities and mastery, so that everyone feels represented.

artist trajectory path

to all artists figuring out what to do and where to go next: we will be soon giving you memory aids that help in understanding following steps and actions to undertake so that no one is left alone in this adventure. remember that your cultural value grows when your economic value grows too. this means that you should be constantly challenging yourself, be out and about meeting new friends and art organizations. go and explore!

friends are here manifesto

friends are here manifesto

friends are here manifesto

friends are here manifesto

friends are here manifesto

do we need to work to survive? yes. who is building our future? us. each one of us. what does it take to find a job? just a connection. luckily, we are all connected in the world by 6 degrees of separation. where are all the art job placements? between our friends. and if our friends are here, then we can find the jobs here as well. what really happens between sending a cv and getting an answer? years, months, weeks. recruiters might not even be reading our emails. when will the next social network drop? right here, right now. where are the answers to our job problems? not in the sky. the answers can usually be found by speaking to knowledgeable people. will supersonic travel ever appear? that we cannot possible know because we are not science engineers. how do we organise an art job revolution? we come together as friends in the arts.

friends are here manifesto

friends are here manifesto

friends are here manifesto

friends are here manifesto

friends are here manifesto

friends who got a job

through FITA


on average 6 friends got a job in a partner institution per month. cultural organizations where friends got jobs: peggy guggenheim collection, venice art factory, centro cultural de belém, maat museum of art architecture and technology, frith street gallery, christie's, and many more...

read the testimonies from our friends

carolina pelletier fontes

“FITA is the first platform dedicated to job hunting within the cultural sector in portugal with national and international opportunities. this is a huge step for the artistic community.”

letícia castro vilela

“FITA was the best thing that could ever happen. thanks to their review of my application, i was accepted to be part of the internship team in one of the museums i appreciate the most in the world.”

francisco teles da gama

“FITA was very important for me to understand if my curriculum vitae was well written. the care and attention demonstrate the dedication and quality they place in every detail.”

taking action

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do you happen to work in an organisation looking for talented friends in the arts? do you have an opportunity in the arts to post? partner with us today.

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