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friends in the arts is reinventing the approach to discover job opportunities in the art world, going beyond the traditional catalog paradigm to showcase curated placements through a digital platform and strategic partnerships.

where we are

our theory

in a world of 7.7 billion people, there is a theory going around saying we are all connected by 6 degrees of separation. this means you are just 6 friends away from any other friend in the planet. well, your friends in the arts are right here. all around the world. online.

what is our value

our identity

in an age where online is the norm, many look for an easy way to succeed in finding a job placement in the arts. that is why there is immense value in having friends on your side who know exactly how to navigate the art job industry.

why we are here

our value

designed to help friends in the art world, fita is the preferred platform between the talented friends and the friends trying to find talent.

who works here

our team

francisca gigante is fita’s founder, ceo and front runner who is in the lookout for job placements in the art world. bitten by the art bug, she is an independent curator and cultural programmer, who has been working between venice and lisbon for non-profit art organizations.

francisco teles da gama is fita’s magazine editor-in-chief. he is committed to explore the best being produced around the globe and select the most impressive analysis of contemporary art forms in our bi-annual international editorial publication.

madalena corrêa mendes is fita’s artist, whose works you can easily identify in white: both the job catalog images and the venetian doors are part of madalena’s ongoing research exploring the relationship between the body and the wall structures in venice.

matilde gigante is fita’s legal counsel providing advice and guidance. she assists in the practicality of the everyday life business in terms of the correct information presented on legal documents, legal terms and privacy policy.

ricardo gonçalves is fita’s magazine journalist working within the editorial team to write about the most impressive features in the art world and select the most interesting analysis of contemporary art around the globe.

antónio saldanha is fita’s official photographer, overseeing the careful selection of the photographic setting and the process of image editing in the contemporary art magazine, as well as the events fita organizes around lisbon and venice.

josé bernardo da fonseca is fita’s communication advisor, responsible for building and maintaining fita’s image, professionally, publicly, and socially, developing and maintaining relations within fita’s community throughout the world.

nuno abreu e lima is fita’s magazine content reviewer, formally reading manuscripts and assessing the content of the art and historical investigations, essays, articles, interviews, and evaluating their suitability for publication at the magazine’s editorial team.

duarte mendes barreiros is fita’s research and development team member helping in the lookout of opportunities in the music sector and providing essential information and ideas that support strategic partnerships decision-making.

maria francisca de abreu afonso is fita’s research and development team member helping in the lookout of opportunities in fine arts and providing essential information and ideas that support strategic partnerships decision-making.

shifter x is a team of web developers, content specialists, focused on quality and with a strong experimental side. they placed the talent of shifter and a network of freelancers of their trust at the disposal of fita, helping us to communicate in new digital media. they advise, create and manage web solutions tailored to our needs.

fita magazine is an international published art magazine that communicates artistic research from all disciplines. submit your proposal at magazine@friendsinthearts.net.

you can order your fita magazine right here or find us in selected bookstores: in lisbon: livraria snob in rato, snob in brotéria in bairro alto, livraria ferin in chiado, livraria ler devagar in lxfactory, treze bookshop in campo de ourique, hangar design store and midori in centro cultural de belém, calouste gulbenkian museum; in porto: livraria flaneur; in madrid, venice and london.

fita kiosk is an outdoors cultural festival that promotes the work of international artists in the fields of contemporary visual arts, music, and poetry inside the unusual space of a kiosk. get in touch at partnerships@friendsinthearts.net. read about the latest fita kiosk editions here.

fita fest is an unforgettable party following a surprise theme in a special location around town. we dedicate fully to the latest releases on contemporary visual arts, music, film, and literature. would you like to be involved? submit your proposal at fest@friendsinthearts.net.

fita awards is given every year to a person or group of people in recognition of excellence in a particular field in the arts. apply to the international fita awards of literature 2022 at awards@friendsinthearts.net.

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friends in the arts is always on the look out for new collaborations and exciting initiatives that weave the digital realm within the art world. if you happen to have a proposal do get in touch with us via email, we would love to hear from you. email us at info@friendsinthearts.net.