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navigate a job interview day

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do you need help preparing your interview to land that dream job in the arts?

read below our very own job interview day proposal: from the moment you wake up until it’s time to go to sleep.

get inspired

7:32 A.M the alarm goes off. it’s tuesday, and the sun is shinning. check whatsapp, instagram, news. in this exact order. bathroom. mirror. turn on the kettle. brew a morning cup of coffee to start the day. answer a few emails. check some magazines. mission accomplished. turn on 7 minute job interview podcast on spotify. shower. dress smart. mirror. grab the keys. out the door.

8:48 A.M subway. bus. car. or any other means of transportation. big city: heavy traffic. small city: traffic. utter chaos. slowly heading to the center. the morning mood in any city is usually a lot. we are all struggling to communicate with people out in the streets. we are also struggling to find any recognition in our own field.

9:06 A.M you don’t start wondering which are your tasks for the day. you know exactly which day is today. it’s on your agenda. you have what you called a meeting that was scheduled some time ago. it’s actually a job interview. from a distance you hear another car’s radio is on. you like that song. it’s approaching. becomes louder. good. you are in a good mood. today you will kill it. why? because you are awesome, you love what you do, you know how to convey that feeling into a conversation.

9:25 A.M you just arrived. present yourself at the entrance. lots of enormous beautiful plants. catching your attention are two paintings that greet you with their bright colors and organic forms. wait to go up. answer a phone call of a mysterious woman who happened to have the wrong number. turn it in silent mode. wait for the door to open. you shouldn’t be nervous about this meeting. it should be an easy one. after all, you will be asked to speak about your life and skills and no one should know it better than you do.

10:44 A.M all is good. break. have some food. water too. walk in and out. breathe some air. there were interesting ted talks to watch before a job interview. your colleague was speaking about these the other day. why haven’t you watched some last night? you are perfectly fine doing what you are doing. but somehow you feel like you can give all you have got and place all those energies into something greater. maybe this is the place.

12:56 P.M that’s it. now you wait. for an email. for a phone call. you have done everything in your power to impress them. they know exactly who you are, where you are coming from and why you would love to be part of their team. you nailed it. you shouldn’t be more proud.

13:21 P.M lunch. with your mom, your dad, your sister, your friend or an old colleague of yours. just try not to eat alone. make the most of all the moments of the day. especially when you can share a meal and a conversation. you can tell them about the most crazy story that happened in the art world this week, the gray market newsletter you have read this morning.

14:32 P.M power nap. rest.

16:03 P.M a cup of tea. open your laptop. on monocle’s culture and arts section. you can either read or watch a film, find out the latest article on the last biennale or art fair. make sure you have time. to spare.

17:16 P.M something else in between like calling someone you have been postponing for ages. or taking out the laundry from the washing machine. folding your towels. cleaning the sink. bake some cookies. or lie down answering to some friends who are eager to know about your life and about the interview that happened today. they want to meet you for a drink that weekend. amazing. it’s set.

18:24 P.M now you should get up stand up. go for a run. swimming. cycling. or get your raquet and play some tennis. squash when it’s too cold. yoga class. play the clarinet. swing in dance classes. all the movements to waste some energy. from time to time, your body needs to breathe.

19:39 P.M check a gallery opening. could be fun to play some games and see how people react when you say you are the featured artist in the exhibition. just be careful not to actually do it to the real featured artist. they would either think you are the coolest or will escort you out of there. but to be completely honest it’s worth the fun.

20:48 P.M pijamas. dinner. popcorn for dessert. netflix and chill, but wait 2 seconds. before that make sure you got the ground covered and check the newest speak and lead course, how to get the job. check the dates and locations.

22:09 P.M you can read too. loose track of time. your favorite novel or the newest pulitzer prize winner. the latest edition of the poem you were eager to get. usually those paperbacks bring out the most exquisite covers not to mention the delightful words to be drank from. drink from their words. imperative, with a glass of wine. or prosecco – you choose.

23:58 P.M clear everything out of your mind and think about all you have done today. you were great. such a wonderful conquest. maybe that position will turn out to be yours or maybe the process will become a learning experience. you will understand that tomorrow. or not even. maybe in a couple of years. who knows?

23:59 P.M give a break to your brain. outside is already dark. close your eyes and sleep. you know what? eventually you will get that job you have worked so hard to get in. believe in yourself and this will happen. and know that your friends in the arts will always have your back to help you out.

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