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curriculum vitae + translation. wondering why the art world isn’t looking at your cv? there are millions of reasons for that to be happening. here your friends in the arts can check your curriculum vitae and translate from any language existing in the world. all the languages. yes, even swahili. from this point on, your cv can go anywhere.

€ 9,99 / gig

how does it work?

you choose to pay € 9,99 to have your curriculum vitae revised and translate it from any language into any other language existing in the world.

this means you are invited to send your cv and your option of translation. it will take us less than 3 days to get back to you. less than 72 hours; which is less than the amount of time it would take us to do phileas fogg’s journey around the world today.

do you happen to have any questions? contact us at info@friendsinthearts.net.