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curriculum vitae + cover letter. there are truly important words to write when it comes to your cover letter. don’t let any skill forgotten or any achievement aside. your friends are here and we find it easy to help you out. we draft, compose, proofread and format your cover letter targeted to enter the dream job you have been waiting to apply.

€ 19,99 / gig

how does it work?

you choose to pay € 19,99 to have your curriculum vitae revised and a cover letter suited to apply to a specific opportunity at your choice.

this means you are invited to send your cv and job opportunity selection. it will take us less than 3 days to get back to you. less than 72 hours; which is less than the amount of time it would take us to do phileas fogg’s journey around the world today.

we obviously cannot guarantee in any circumstance that you will land that dream job but we can make sure that your cover letter will be flawless and beautifully written.

do you happen to have any questions? contact us at info@friendsinthearts.net.