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FITA Magazine is an international published art magazine that communicates artistic research from all disciplines.

FITA Magazine – volume I / invisible atlas. ISSN 2184-9099. paperback, volume I, 160 pages. published april 2021 by friends in the arts. edition language: english. rated 5 stars on goodreads.com/ – order here.

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FITA Magazine – volume I / invisible atlas

by francisca gigante (editor-in-chief), francisco teles da gama (editor-in-chief), alberto manguel (interview), amor towles (interview), john romão (interview), léo caillard (interview), nick waterhouse (interview), the peggy guggenheim collection (interview), atopos venice (interview), ricardo ramos gonçalves (article), josé bernardo da fonseca (article), jillane buryn (article), juliana matsumura x tarimba collective (article), madalena silva (article), maria joão vasconcelos (article), mariana martins de oliveira (article), marta miranda, helena santos and ana luísa barbosa (article), mikha-ez x beatriz arce adrados (article), pousio arts and culture (article), anouchka gerard (artistic investigation), madalena pesquiso (artistic investigation), maysa aquino (historical investigation), reginna zhirov (artistic investigation), sophia throuvala (artistic investigation), madalena corrêa mendes (illustrations), timo kuilder (illustrations), arianna ferraretto (photographs), francesca roche (photographs).

the gondola departs on FITA Magazine’s first trip through the artistic and cultural canals of the world, leaving empty seats for those reading these pages. you can sit back and enjoy the view of this journey. the person who gave us the coordinates for this epic was marco polo, through the imaginative words he proffered in the invisible cities, written by the famous italo calvino. there, venice assumes the role of the eternal and unique city, a bastion of imagination and creativity, a place without borders, just as art should be. as calvino writes in the same book: “the shortest distance between two points is not the straight line but a zigzag.” jorge luis borges transmitted to us his ancestral wisdom to discover new cultures and civilizations. his fantastic, everyday tales open the doors to the planet tlön and the infinite library, but his personal narratives in atlas introduce us to the real world, which is mixed with myths and legends. venice is part of that dream between reality and fiction, as borges tells us: “twilight and venice for me are two almost synonymous words, but our twilight has lost its light and fears the night and venice’s is a delicate and eternal twilight, without a before or after.” friends in the arts is a mirror of these teachings, connecting people from around the world in the search for jobs in arts and culture, blurring borders through talent. the platform was conceived in the canals of venice and created in the streets of lisbon, under the morning call of the gondoliers and the late night rebel fado. FITA Magazine is the place to showcase these qualities and mastery, so that everyone feels represented.