FRIENDS IN THE ARTS presents: FITA KIOSK . may – june 2021

FITA KIOSK is the new art festival at the BANANACAFE Kiosk in garden of estrela. every sunday, from may 16 to june 6 from 3pm to 8pm we have explored together contemporary art exhibitions, poetry readings and music concerts with the artists that mark this generation. friends in the arts around the world have gathered to see culture flourish in the middle of garden of estrela in lisbon city center.

from plastic arts to music, including the presentation of FITA Magazine / Invisible Atlas – Volume I, culture was well represented in the heart of the city of lisbon.

photographs: antónio saldanha / friends in the arts. all rights reserved.

FITA KIOSK is a partnership between FITA and BANANACAFE in lisbon.

FITA – friends in the arts is a non-profit cultural association that promotes employment in the arts world.

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