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fita’s art job catalog is presented in eight different categories and precedes an artistic investigation on each individual category according to our art director madalena corrêa mendes.

museums / foundations – foundations, set of the foundations of a construction, established from deep excavations. foundation. support. wood. skeleton, structure that supports the body of certain invertebrates. arming, act or effect of arming, in the sense of preparing, building, decorating, preparing, equipping. dock, place where boats dock. briccole.

– monuments – monument, construction or work that conveys the memory of someone or some memorable fact. recollection. memory. grandiosity, grandiose quality. sumptuousness. magnificence. dome. reception. heaven. summit, group of people who represent the highest authorities of an institution, an organism, a country, etc. story. culture. symbol.

– galleries – highlight, shape, relief, salience, detachment, appear. notability, to become notable. enlarge. distinguish. notify. stand out. height, elevation above a point. eminence. altitude. imponence.

– independent spaces (ngos / associations / collectives) – associations. to associate, to constitute in society. society, independents that form a group. meeting people for a common purpose. get together. collecting, associating with coalition. interaction, reciprocal influence between two or more elements. enter, indicates situation or space in or between. call, do one thing, achieve something else; to unite something that is separate. to connect. bridge, construction that connects two points separated by a watercourse or by a depression in the ground.

– state institutions (municipalities) – institution, charity or public service establishment. public, relative or belonging to the people, the population. that serves for everyone’s use. collective. common. check. confer a benefit. institute. proceed to the institution of. establish. give principle to (something that becomes firm and stable). become firm and stable. take up residence. found. mark.

– art + history fairs – fair, a large market where a certain product or type of product is exhibited and sold. market, meeting of traders in the same place, to sell. any arrangement between people, contract. supply and demand status. exchange, act or effect of exchange. replacement. change. compensation. exchange, establishment of reciprocal cultural, commercial, social relations between nations or institutions. culture. story.

– universities – university, quality of what is universal. character of what is universal or general. totality. character of what covers all knowledge. instruction. to know. people of our relationships. be aware of. distinguish. ramp up. bring together and methodically arrange the parts of a whole. build.

– auctioneers – auction, public sale made to the largest bidder. sale, transfer at an agreed price. assignment. passage. pass. transiting. vehicle, any means of transport. transport, take from one place to another, move from one to another. conveyor. conductor, the one who conducts. guide. to direct. lead. proclaim. crier. auctioneer, individual who advertises and sells objects at auctions.

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